Vani Khosla

Vani Khosla is a Grand Prix rider in Show Jumping. Vani’s background is in technology, startups, and investment. She has two engineering degrees from Stanford University.


David Vaskevitch

David Vaskevitch is a horse enthusiast. He is the former CTO of Microsoft. David spent twenty years riding horses and all three of his children rode competitively. He now is working on his own startup.


Eric Nagel

Eric Nagel brings with him over two decades of experience in the financial industry and cutting-edge high-technology. Eric has spent the last sixteen years in Asia and is currently a strategic advisor for Magic AI Corp, a US based company, that is applying advanced machine-learning to animals and humans, for non-verbal forms of data and communication. The first product StableGuard, for the equine industry, is using the platform to improve the health and security of premium horses and stables. As strategic advisor Mr. Nagel is laying the groundwork for sales and distribution into Asia and Middle East.

Up until very recently he was vice president Corporate Development and Investment and former global head of Investor Relations for the most unique company the world Intellectual Ventures, based in Singapore.

In his role as vice president Corporate Development and Investment at Intellectual Ventures, he helped guide the long-term strategy of the firm, think “outside of the box” of current means of conducting business. He served as the principal intermediary between the Firm and financial markets, advisors and relationships outside the US.

In his former role as vice president of Investor Relations, Mr. Nagel was responsible for diversifying the investor base to include a more international footprint and continue to build strong relationships with Intellectual Ventures’ current investors.

Before joining Intellectual Ventures, Mr. Nagel spent 15 years at Merrill Lynch (now Bank of America Merrill Lynch), as managing director and Asia treasurer based in Tokyo. He was the chairman of the regional asset and liability committee for the Bank of America branches and chairman of the liquidity risk oversight committee for the Merrill Lynch Securities Companies. In this role, he had oversight of all treasury-related activities in Asia including responsibility for all short and long-term debt fundraising, liquidity risk management, liquidity and collateral portfolio management and structured corporate finance. He was also responsible for investor relations in the region, presenting the company to existing and prospective investors and clients across Asia.

In his previous position, he was the Asia Pacific regional treasurer, based in Hong Kong. In this role, he had oversight of all treasury-related activities in Hong Kong as well as China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. He was responsible for all funding and liquidity management, including bank and creditor relations, corporate finance, insurance, structured transactions, foreign exchange management, policies and procedures and treasury services. Before that, Mr. Nagel was based in Brazil for four and a half years where he was the Latin America treasurer with oversight for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. His first positions with Merrill Lynch were in London in finance and operations.

Mr. Nagel is a native speaker of English and Portuguese and fluent in both French and Spanish. His hobbies include windsurfing and sailing.

Mr. Nagel received his bachelor’s degree in industrial economics from the University of Nottingham, England.